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B7 closure: The "new" route to university

14.07.2014|12:16 Uhr

Since Monday 21st July the B7 has been fully closed in the direction of Döppersberg. The bus stop at the main station is no longer used by the buses of Wuppertale Stadtwerke (WSW) and the bus traffic in Elberfeld has now been moved to four “main stops”.

The new start and destination of the e-buses to the Grifflenberg and Freudenberg campuses is the new stop of "Ohligsmühle (Hbf)" on the B7. There is also an extra stop at "Historische Stadthalle (Hbf)".

The other buses which go to the university (615, 645, 603 and 625) will use the new stop at Ohligsmühle (or start there) and from there travel – like the e-buses – along the Südstraße, past the Schwimmoper to the Historische Stadthalle (historic town hall). From there the buses will continue on their normal routes.

All information about the buses and their new routes can be found at doeppersberg.wsw-mobil.de.

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